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The Baltimore Free School is a grassroots, collectively run and community-funded project, with a classroom inside Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse at 30 W. North Ave. Building upon a long tradition of horizontal organizing, collaborative learning and participatory education, we believe that the empowerment of people of all ages and backgrounds to share and learn is vital to the health of any community. To that end, we work toward creating a space where the exchange of ideas can occur without the exchange of money; a space where we can learn to relate to each other in new and meaningful ways. By building this infrastructure, we hope to form a microcosm of the world in which we want to live.

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Upcoming Courses

    • Tue, Oct 13 @ 7:30 PM
    • Tue, Oct 27 @ 7:30 PM
    (North Ave classroom)

    The Philippine-American War: Imperialism and Genocide

    The Philippine-American War is one that, in most US schools, is either swept under the rug completely or relegated to a paragraph in textbooks. And it's surely in the interests of the ruling class to do so--the Philippine-American "War" was more like a Philippine genocide. In this course, we'll examine it in detail: its ideological and economic motivation, its conflicting narratives, and its lasting effects. The goal of this course is to build international solidarity, to forge a principled stance against imperialism, and to reify knowledge about the US's violent history.

    • Wed, Oct 14 @ 7:00 PM
    • Wed, Oct 21 @ 7:00 PM
    (North Ave classroom)

    Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group

    Following from the Communist Research Cluster's initiative this year to coordinate reading groups across the country (and other countries), the topic would be "Revolutionary Feminism". Although the reading group would have no formal affiliation with the Communist Research Cluster, it would use a Reader on Revolutionary Feminism that they have curated and provided for groups to use. The Rev. Fem. Reader exists in .pdf and .epub form, so could be circulated for free to anyone with access to the internet and brought to meetings via a personal device, e-reader or a print-out. T

    You can find more information about the Readers and the network of reading groups here:

    • Sat, Nov 14 @ 4:00 PM
    • Sat, Dec 05 @ 4:00 PM
    • Sat, Dec 19 @ 4:00 PM
    (North Ave classroom)

    Human Stem Cells for Non-Scientists: Building a Better Mousetrap in the 21st century?

    This is a course designed to introduce non-scientists to human stem cells and their use in regenerative medicine. It will also address some of the current ethical issues affecting the field.

    • Fri, Oct 23 @ 7:00 PM

    “The Surprising Power of a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet to Prevent and Reverse Disease: The Evidence

    “The Surprising Power of a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet to Prevent and Reverse Disease: The Evidence
    by Joseph A. Adams, M.D., F.A.C.P., A 50 minute Power Point presenation followed by discussion and Q & A. 

    • Sun, Oct 11 @ 5:00 PM
    • Sun, Oct 18 @ 5:00 PM
    • Sun, Oct 25 @ 5:00 PM
    • and 7 more sessions
    (North Ave classroom)

    Scientific Revolutions: Ancient and Modern

    Discussion series on readings in the history of scientific theory and discovery from Lucretius and Aristotle to Darwin and Einstein.

    • Tue, Nov 03 @ 6:30 PM

    Learn To Debate

    This course will prepare particpants to engage in and apppreciate structured debate. While the course is designed for those who are new to debating in a structured way, more experienced particpants are of course welcome. The course will occur over 4 sections, each section is a standalone, but those who are able to attend each section will be more prepared to debate.

    • Thu, Oct 29 @ 7:00 PM
    (North Ave classroom)

    Marxism Today by CPUSA

    1st session.  In The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Frederick Engels states in a bold way how the breaking up of primitive communalism created classes and class struggle.  The book outlines in chronological order the stages of class and class-divided societies, namely slavery, feudalism and capitalism/imperialism.

    Why is this important for us today? It's important because most people do not understand the role of the state and its political and economic structures which are the two pillars of any class-divided society.

    • Wed, Nov 25 @ 7:00 PM
    • Wed, Dec 23 @ 7:00 PM
    • Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
    • and 1 more session

    Cooperative Study Group: Beginners Helping Beginners

    • Wed, Oct 28 @ 7:00 PM
    • Wed, Nov 04 @ 7:00 PM
    (North Ave classroom)

    Cooperative Study Group:Beginners Helping Beginners

    Dear Baltimore Free School Folks


    The Catonsville Cooperative is interested in starting a beginner study group for people that would like to rigorously study successful (and not as sccessful) cooperatives in order to help build their knowledge about cooperatives and also inform their own infrastructure building. We are considering hosting the study group in a variety of places and would hope one of them could be the free school. We would like to rotate spaces to accomodate people coming from all over the area. I look forward to hearing from you. With gratitude, Holly - - 443-897-0080