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  • Black feminism and intersectionality

    Organized by the Baltimore branch of the International Socialist Organization

    The Baltimore branch of the International Socialist Organization is getting together to begin educating ourselves about Black feminism and Intersectionality. None of us are experts and nobody is "teaching" the class, but rather we will go through the material collectively. We invite anyone with any level of experience with this topic to join us and share your perspective! The way we structure the group is simply to ask for a volunteer to facilitate, and any Black woman who wants to facilitate is given priority, in recognition of the fact that there are very few spaces where Black woman's voices are allowed to be dominant. We spend time discussing reading that has been chosen by the group, but also leave space for open discussion about any relevant current events, media, blogs, etc. that members want to talk about. We see this group as being shaped by its members, so anyone can suggest readings or changes to the structure at any time. To get on the listserv for the group and receive the readings, please email Alana Davenport at abdvnprt@gmail.com. We also have a facebook group called Baltimore Free School Black Feminism and Intersectionality.

  • Anti-Racist Organizing Reading Group

    The goal of this class is to engage in the self-reflection and political education that enables white activist to be accountable, principled anti-racist organizers. The reading list would be taken from the Anne Braden Program (Catalyst Project).

  • Knitting Neighbors Together

    Knitting Neighbors Together is a local event for knitters (and crocheters!) to gather in a fun, casual environment and create a hat to be donated to an individual experiencing homelessness. Baltimore winters are cold, and the lack of shelter space available can be a challenge for our neighbors to stay warm. This event is open to knitters, of ALL levels of experience. Please feel free to bring your own yarn, or we will provide a free ball of yarn. If you have never knitted before, we will provide knitting needles for you to keep and the yarn needed for a recommended donation of $5. Advanced knitters will be available to teach newbies! **To secure your spot and help us have enough supplies, please make sure to RSVP directly through www.knittingneighborstogether.org.** 

  • Overdose Training and Naloxone Distribution for Community Bystanders

    The Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coaltion (BSHRC) provides community bystander trainings for how to recognize and reverse an opiod overdose. The training involves certification and a free naloxone kit.

  • Creative Writing Workshop

    In this class we will workshop one another’s pieces and discuss select readings. While readings and prompts will focus on creative nonfiction pieces, we will keep submission guidelines loose and are excited for participants to submit any range of creative writing pieces, including fiction, poetry and/or creative nonfiction. Each class we will ask for 3-4 individuals to prepare to workshop their pieces with the goal of providing constructive criticism and support towards each individual’s literary goals and vision. Participants will receive pieces before class via email. Each class will focus on a different topic or theme, to which participants may want to center their submissions. Readings include work from Jamaica Kincaid, Joan Didion, Kathy Acker, Eula Biss, Jenny Boully, Nehisi Coates, Gloria Anzaldua.

    * This course will take place once a month for six months.

  • Cooperative Study Group:Beginners Helping Beginners

    Dear Baltimore Free School Folks


    The Catonsville Cooperative is interested in starting a beginner study group for people that would like to rigorously study successful (and not as sccessful) cooperatives in order to help build their knowledge about cooperatives and also inform their own infrastructure building. We are considering hosting the study group in a variety of places and would hope one of them could be the free school. We would like to rotate spaces to accomodate people coming from all over the area. I look forward to hearing from you. With gratitude, Holly - holly.leon@gmail.com - 443-897-0080

  • Understanding the Arab Spring: History, Hope, and Counter-Revolution

    From late 2010 through the end of 2011, uprisings, attempted revolutions, and mass protests followed, bringing about both significant political changes and civil war across the Arab world.

    This class will examine first-hand accounts as well as historical reflections on the "Arab Spring" - What does this mean for contemporary theories on revolution and mass protests? What motivated these situations, and what contexts led to them? What can we be doing today to support and participate with those continuing to fight for liberation and social justice in the Arab World?

    Through readings, guest speakers, videos, and discussion, students will learn a general synopsis of Arab political history in the 20th century and will look in-depth at  key issues that shaped the revolts in 2010/11 - as well as hearing about the revolts themselves.

  • The Last Days of Socrates

    8-week discussion series on four Platonic dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo.

  • Dharma Punx Baltimore

    Dharma Punx Baltimore is a new chapter within Dharma Punx Nation. We are an alternative meditation community, inspired by the Insight/Vipassana tradition. We work to cultivate mindfulness as a tool for transformation. 

  • Knitting Neighbors Together

    Knitting Neighbors Together is a local event for knitters (and crocheters!) to gather in a fun, casual environment and create a hat to be donated to an individual experiencing homelessness. 

  • A Marxist view on the problems of today

    This is a discussion group to delve into the many problems inherent to capitalist societies, and to analyze how different currents of socialism have tried to deal with them. Race, gender, the labor movement and political organizing are going to be discussed in depth throughout the sessions. We will propose readings for each session, but additional readings proposed by participants are welcome.


  • Jacobin Reading Group

    We meet monthly to discuss socialist politics, typically structuring our discussion around readings from Jacobin magazine. Our conversations are lively and non-doctrinaire; no prior experience is necessary. 

  • VagEsteem Quickie: Lady Parts 101

    VagEsteem Quickie: Lady Parts 101

    This 1 hour workshop is presented by Vanessa Geffrard, creator of VagEsteem. In this workshop, participants will engage in a trivia style discussion about the female anatomy as it relates to fun facts, pleasure, and self esteem. Come on out and meet us for a taste of a VagEsteem workshop! We can't wait to meet you!

    VagEsteem is a workshop series for women who are committed to learning, sharing, and building knowledge of their sexual health and the components to having satisfying relationships and sexual lives.


    $5 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds!

Info for learners

  • All courses are free of charge.
  • Signing up helps instructors know who to expect, and give them a way to contact you if something changes.
  • Almost all courses are totally open, and most courses can be dropped in on even if you miss the first session(s), but check the course description or email the instructor to be sure.
  • All courses are non-credit, non-degree, non-certification, and fun-filled!
  • Most courses take place at the North Avenue Classroom, inside Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse