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  • Public Safety Collective

    A Baltimore ‘Families Against Police Brutality’ Bloc initiative; a collective of friends, families and victims of police brutality, from both the living and dead, grieving proactively to uplift the community.

    The Public Safety Collective is an autonomous citizens review board of the Baltimore City Police Department.

    • Researching and archiving the history, laws, policies, and practices of the Baltimore City Police Department
    • Organizing an independent media platform where that information will be accessible to the public for free, in addition to reflections of current events and communiques from the 'Families Against Police Brutality' bloc. 
    • Mobilizing 'Cop Watch' program; community outreach, distributing literature, observing police activity, providing direct aid, facilitating resource accessibility, recruiting, networking.
  • Social Justice Poetry Workshops (for youth 13-21)

    Dew More Baltimore will hold free weekly poetry workshops for youth 13-21 every Sunday from 3:30 to 6:00 PM.

    Workshops will be led by professional poets and published authors. Guest advocates and activists will be invited to provide social justice workshops. 

    Through thought provoking workshops participants will learn how to use their art to address the social ills impacting them and/or the larger community. 


  • Baltimore Free School Organizing Meeting

    Get involved!

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping for Stress Relief and Self-Empowerment

    Learn a simple process that can be self-applied to help you be more effective in your mission in the world.  EFT involves tapping on a series of acupressure points while focusing in a specific mannner on your problem.  This relieves stress which can be at the root of chronic negative conditions in our lives such as physical pain, diseases, PTSD, phobias, poverty, overweight, addictions, poor relationships, and not living up to our full potential in the world.  




  • Reading group: Marx's Capital Illustrated

    As radicals, we all need to be analyzing capitalism and how best to fight it—but do you really have the time to read a book like Capital?  Now you do!  The recently reissued Marx's Capital Illustrated puts this revolutionary classic into an accessible and entertaining form.  Please join us for a lively discussion of this working-class economic theory and its relevance to the crises and struggles of today.

  • Digging Beyond the Surface to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships

    This course will introduce students to the proper techniques necessary in order to build mutually beneficial relationships, both personally and professionally. 

  • Possibilities for Urban Permaculture--And Why It Matters

    This initial course will focus on the basic principles of permaculture, and explain how they can be applied to urban environments, including using plants to help keep indoor air cleaner, and the use of green walls to reduce heating and cooling costs.  It will also discuss how permaculture could be used in urban environments to help resolve the issue of disrupted food supplies in an emergency situation.  I envision the class as a twenty to thirty minute talk, followed by questions and hands-on projects or brainstorming.  Ideally, participants would gather in smaller groups and share ideas based on their living situation, then come back to the larger group and summarize their discussions.  I would prefer a Saturday class time, during the afternoons, sometime between mid-October and mid-December.

Info for learners

  • All courses are free of charge.
  • Signing up helps instructors know who to expect, and give them a way to contact you if something changes.
  • Almost all courses are totally open, and most courses can be dropped in on even if you miss the first session(s), but check the course description or email the instructor to be sure.
  • All courses are non-credit, non-degree, non-certification, and fun-filled!
  • Most courses take place at the North Avenue Classroom, inside Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse