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  • Jacobin Reading Group

    We meet monthly to discuss socialist politics, typically structuring our discussion around readings from Jacobin magazine. Our conversations are lively and non-doctrinaire; no prior experience is necessary. Please contact baltimore.jacobin@gmail.com for more information.

  • Troop Shops Powered by GalleryRetail

    A practical workshop series providing best practices to starting/bootstrapping your business while aiding you to build a sustainable business model along the way.

  • Dreams and Transformation

    This course is  for persons who want  to make some change or transformation in their life, and are interested in using their dreams to help in that process.

  • Self-Care for Survivors

    Reclaim your serenity! Come learn cheap (or free), natural techniques that strengthen and soothe the bodies, minds and souls affected by trauma and abuse. 

  • Baltimore DSA meeting

  • Essential Oils Series

    Learn about how to use essential oils in every part of your life - wellness, cleaning, emotional health, pregnancy support, and more.

  • ChickLit: Young Queer Womyn's Book Club

    This group began as a book club offshoot of Young Queer Women of Baltimore, an informal organization of queer women ages 20-40 residing in the Baltimore metro area. We meet monthly to discuss the books which are chosen by suggestions from bibliophile attendees, drawn from a bag before each meeting.

  • Student Debt and the Corporatization of Higher Education

    This workshop will:

    1. Talk about the disinvestment in public education and the corporatization of higher education that has led to crazy costs and the terrible treatment of academic labor;

    2. Discuss Student Debt and practical ways for people who have student debt to manage it; and

    3. Discuss what we can do to keep future generations out of debt – both better understanding the current loan and grant system but also how can we advocate for free community college and ultimately free higher education.

Info for learners

  • All courses are free of charge.
  • Signing up helps instructors know who to expect, and give them a way to contact you if something changes.
  • Almost all courses are totally open, and most courses can be dropped in on even if you miss the first session(s), but check the course description or email the instructor to be sure.
  • All courses are non-credit, non-degree, non-certification, and fun-filled!
  • Most courses take place at the North Avenue Classroom, inside Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse