Wellness Knowledge Exchange

Collective space for wellness professionals and students to share knowledge, perspective, and approaches to healing and wellness.

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Every person is simultaneously whole and broken in their own way. The systems that operate within our society--white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, nationalism...etc--are oppressive forces that initiate and perpetuate much of the hurt that people work through throughout their lives. Given that starting place, every person has a different “door” to wellness, and should have the right to access care that feels supportive and empowering to them. Every field that supports people on their journeys has different tools to offer. The silos created between fields do not serve either the practitioners or the clients--ultimately we are better positioned to support one another and work against systems of oppression when we are working together.

Course sessions

    Sunday March 11 2018

    1:00PM - 3:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    This session will be the introduction where we will explore the goals and outcomes of the group as well as discuss potential topics and focuses for future discussion.