students will learn form and pushing hands

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* Note to new students: All new students will be interviewd/screened before being allowed to join this class. So please send me an email, and make arrangements with me for your interview; btw this can be done at the class if you come early or some time during/after the class. you will be allowed to watch/particpate in the class that day !  The goal is to pass on this art to as many folks as possible who truly want it, and know they have to work/play daily to get it. There are no days off for Taijiquan training & sucess.     We try to reflect in our lives on what we learn from our sifus/teachers/instructors in their classes. This is one of the many points makes the study of Martial Arts so wonderful, and fulfilling . The sharing & comraderie developed along our life's journey of learning is a treasured part of our mutual love for these arts regardless of country of origin.Seeking harmony in our world is not always easy. Still, we find that our chosen way to do this is quite rewarding. Though much effort (and sometimes pain) is needed to get to the essence of our art of Taijiquan. This art compensates us in so many ways; not only personally, but also in the effect of what we share and display with others.         Once you are accepted you can start when you show up for class the THE NEXT TIME AROUND/maybe the 1st. time you come. There is no waiting for a set period of time to begin. That's part of the reason why this class is ongoing. So please disregard the confusing 5 week date slots!     The goal is to pass on this art to as many folks as possible who truly want it, and know they have to work/play to get it. I teach Yang style Taijiquan / Tai Chi Chuan to include : 1. Form = the physical movements that make up the body of this art but , that also teach us about ourselves 2. Tui Shou / PUSHING HANDS = a 2 person sensitivity exercise that teaches us about how to deal with another persons force , and also teaches us how to apply various postures found in the form 3. Qigong = exercises designed more for overall well being as opposed to martial function . However , the truth is that Taijiquan is qigong that has a martial intent . Two types of qigong will be taught , one being Dynamic & the other being Static Qigong (also known as Quiescent Exercise) Dynamic Qigong uses motion / movement to assist in cultivating the Qi / life force Static Qigong uses stillness to cultivate Qi / life force Eight Section Brocade is both easy & safe to learn and practice . I teach this qigong 1st. because it helps prepare the body to practice Taijiquan , while at the same time starts the process of waking up the Qi . this is a dynamic Qigong practice, Zhan Zhuang Qigong is done in stillness with no outward movement . A simple translation of the term is standing pole exercise , you do not move and yet stil receive a fountain of benefit from this . Sounds sought of weird I know lol.   Yet, this stillness gong (gong = skill ) works faster than the majority of all movement gongs used to cultivate Qi .. This used to be a SECRET training method (zhan zhuang qigong) , and was only shared with the public starting around the 1960's from what I understand . Still, it is not taught/practiced by many Taijiquan teachers/students .     My teaching starts with this Qigong of Zhan Zhuang because the 1st. posture of all Taijiquan styles starts with this one idea of stillness . Stillness is the mother of movement, as such if u want to move well , we need to explore stillness more deeply . This is a simple yet complex study that last's a lifetime .    TAIJIQUAN is a part of our lifestyle ; as such we play/pratice every day, with no days off. Novice/ health oriented students need to invest in at least 5 minutes a day as they work their way up to 30 minutes each day of non stop exercise advanced students/martial art oriented students start with 20- 30 minutes a day as they work their way up to 2 hours a day each day. this is how real gong fu is attained and is a part of "eating the bitter" as we say ! Wear loose COMFORTABLE clothing, with flat COMFORTABLE shoes or sneakers . NO flip flops or footwear that is unstable. Teacher/Pointer : Anthony A. Reid Email : taichibulldog@yahoo.com

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