Introduction to Car Maintenance

Learn the basics of maintaining your vehicle to keep it in good operating condition

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Many car owners don't understand how important it is to regularly maintain their vehicle. Often they may simply fill it up with gas and drive it until something breaks. This not only reduces the value of the car significantly, it can create safety problems for the driver and others on the road. This course will teach car owners the basics of vehicle maintenance. Topics covered will include changing a tire, patching a flat tire, when to replace a tire, when and how to change the oil, checking fluid levels, checking and changing the brakes, how to diagnose an unknown problem, and the most common pitfalls of not maintaining the vehicle properly.         PLEASE NOTE: This course will take place outside in a To Be Announced driveway location. We will be praticing on an actual car. If you intend to take the course please contact the instructor prior to the class to find out where to go. 

Course sessions

    Wednesday September 5 2012

    7:00PM - 9:00PM (TBA)