"Writing for the Establishment: How to Write to Get Results from Institutions"

Bureaucracies - whether insurance companies, power companies, or the government - use a language that is specifically designed to be inaccessible to the public. This workshop will help you write letters, applications, appeals, or e-mails using that language. Don't let your problems be ignored because you don't use corporate-speak. Bring your problem and we will work together to write a solution. 

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This is less a didactic class and more a workshop - students bring in whatever issues they would like to address with letters, or even letter that they've written, and we edit them together. In the process, basic principles will be illustrated, and over time, common problems and misconceptions will make themselves known. Eventually, experience will allow me/us to list the basic principles and challenges facing a member of the public when trying to communicate with institutions, and lectures addresssing these will be integrated into future classes. 

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