Knowing the Eternal

"Knowing the Eternal" is a teaching component designed around spiritual perspectives. The sessions teach ALL humanity who desire a chance to know the Almighty various ways to do so without any reservations or exclusions. The Creator desires to have the initmate and personal relationship, even though mainstream religion has barred the doors, especially to LGBTQ persons. The class will focus on developing a relationship with the Eternal as afore stated, using the Holy Scriptures and other forms of literature to help us fulfill that possibility, using silent meditation and prayer to share our thoughts with the Creator, and forming a study guide for persons who want to dive deeper into the material. 


About the Teacher:

I am openly gay religious/spiritual leader that has been ordained to that which I do.  Currently, I am senior spiritual leader and visionary for Truth and Love Fellowship. Also, I am the Executive Director of Truth and Love Outreach Center, which offers supportive services to LGBTQ teens and young adults who have been displaced by their families because of their sexual orientation. My site is:   Educationally, I have an AS in Criminal Justce from Baltimore City Community and a BS degree in English from UB. At this point, I am in continued studies around religion and spirituality. Several certifications: 1) Foundations in Biblical Studies and another in Theological Studies.  Recently, accepted at Liberty University to complete my MADiv in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling.

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"Knowing the Eternal", a six segement teaching sessions designed to show:

1. The Eternal created all humanity including same gender loving persons

2. Diversity found in the all creation

3. The Eternal's love for all creation, including LGBTQ community

4. The Almighty's desire for reconciliation with ALL creation

5. Humanity's part in building and reconciling with the Creator

6. That viable relationship has no boundaries

Course sessions