Let's Talk: Intimate Partner Abuse

Join us for a series of discussion surrounding the skeletons in our closets, in this case intimate partner abuse. We're bringing them out, seating them at our tables, and having an open and honest conversation. We believe in radical honesty and community, we hope to bring you all these two things together. We are excited to be a part of this, and hope we can all learn together in a welcoming and safe environment 👽💚


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Intimate partner abuse includes physical, sexual, psychological abuse and stalking committed by one partner against the other in a relationship. 

We will focus on 9 topics within this subject 

1) definitions of intimate partner abuse and relationship violence,

2) prevalence and incidence of relationship abuse/violence,

3) causal models of relationship violence: Mediating variables, risk factors (perpetrators) and vulnerability markers (victims),

4) effects of relationship abuse/violence,

5) community responses,

6) screening and assessing for the presence of relationship violence,

7) mental health intervention,

8) forensic issues, and

9) prevention of relationship violence and Promotion of Nonviolence.


Course sessions

    Saturday March 4 2017

    12:00PM - 3:00PM ()