The View Below: Adventures in Freshwater Snorkeling

The underwater world of our rivers and streams is unexpected, and the life in Mid Atlantic rivers is mind blowing! Getting people to experience this incredible world establishes powerful connections to rivers. This course will share the underwater world of our rivers and will review how people can start on this amazing adventure.

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We often perceive that there isn’t much to see beneath the surface of our nation’s freshwater rivers and streams, but once we look underwater, an amazing world appears.  Fish of incredibly diverse colors, shapes, and behaviors live in freshwater ecosystems. The streams themselves create other worldly, breathtaking streamscapes, giving humans willing to submerge themselves the opportunity to witness incredible ecological feats such as thousand-mile fish migrations, predator-prey interactions, or the vibrant-colors of mating displays.  The underwater world of our rivers and streams is unexpected, largely unnoticed, and amazing! They are thriving aquatic communities, composed of subjects intimately tied to one another, and humans, through an aquatic matrix. And the underwater world of our Mid Atlantic  rivers is absolutely mind blowing! 

Snorkeling establishes powerful connections between people and rivers, and is one of the most intimate interactions we can have with a river, experiencing the movement and organisms of a moving water body on its own terms.  Snorkeling allows us to bond with subjects that are intertwined in these aquatic communities, granting us new perspectives and reasons to care about the importance of clean water.  The ways in which rivers, and the creatures that live in them, are woven into our cultural and natural heritage become apparent. We empower river snorkelers by sharing how everyone has a role in protecting our rivers.

This course will provide a complete overview of river snorkeling, from sharing images and videos of the amazing life in our rivers and streams to discussing gear necessary for exploring the amazing underwater life of our rivers and streams. 

Course sessions

    Friday September 22 2017

    6:00PM - 7:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    This session will discuss the amazing life than can be found in our local rivers and streams.

    Friday September 29 2017

    6:00PM - 7:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    This session will discuss how to get started in river snorkeling