Jacobin Reading Group

We hold open discussions on socialism and related topics prompted by articles available for free online at Jacobinmag.com.  Whatever your background, your perspective can help us all imagine a world without capitalism or oppressive cultural norms.

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From the Jacobin website:  

"Jacobin reading groups bring leftists together to engage with socialist ideas in a lively, open, and non-doctrinaire environment. You won’t have to pay dues or conduct secret rituals, but the groups are valuable intellectual and social spaces that cut across organizational boundaries.

Groups unite organizers, workers, student activists, and those new to the Left. Every group is open to people thinking about socialist politics for the first time, as well as more seasoned friends."

  Jacobin publishes insightful, accessible articles on history, current events, and culture from a variety of left perspectives, featuring voices of journalists, activists, academics, organizers, politicians and more from around the world.  They also published a collection of essays we will be discussing, called The ABCs of Socialism, which introduces readers to practical aspects of contemporary socialist thought.  Discussions feature a diversity of perspectives including all different levels/kinds of engagement with left politics, and we would love to have your input!  All participants have the opportunity to select readings and facilitate discussions.    For articles under discussion in upcoming meetings and other enquiries, email martin.kasey@gmail.com with the subject jacobin.    

Course sessions

    Saturday December 16 2017

    3:00PM - 5:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    Saturday January 13

    3:00PM - 5:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    Saturday February 10

    3:00PM - 5:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    Sunday April 1

    3:00PM - 5:00PM (North Ave classroom)

    We will discuss the recent successeful West Virginia teachers' wildcat strike and what it can teach us about building labor power under the expansion of right to work laws that seek to diminish it.  Here is the reading material: