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We're always looking to get more people involved! The Baltimore Free School collective maintains the spaces on W. North Ave., schedules, organizes, prints calendars, runs this website, organizes events, conducts outreach and instructor support, and fundraises to keep the Free School doors open. Shoot us an email at to find out more or just drop by one of our scheduled Free School organizer meetings, which can be found on the main calendar.


Your donations make it possible for us to continue sustaining a free, community-oriented educational space. $1,000 in donations will allow us to provide high-speed internet access, making it possible for us to offer technology classes and organize video-conferences with organizers and educators around the globe. $3,000 in donations will provide equipment and materials to print course calendars and readers and distribute them for free. $6,000 in donations will allow us to fund 2 part-time Free School organizers to do community outreach to expand the pool of students and instructors. And, $10,000 in donations will allow us to cover all of our expenses for a year.

It's our goal to provide a much higher level of support for our instructors and students than ever before, to promote and sustain our courses, and to increase and enhance the breadth of our offerings, but we need your help to make this new chapter in the life of the Baltimore Free School a success! Please help us to make these goals possible.

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If you'd like to make a tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more to the Free School, you can send a check to our non-profit fiscal sponsor:

Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

1601 Guilford Avenue, 2 South

Baltimore, MD  21202

Make sure to put "Baltimore Free School" in the memo field!